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DNS Hosting

  In order for your domain name to be used on the internet the "name" needs to be "hosted" on a DNS server. We can provide this hosting or it can be provided by another party. Who provides the DNS hosting is normally a matter of convenience. We do not charge for this service

Many of the name registrars will provide this service. The whois report will tell you what name servers are providing name resolution for your name. Whois information can be gotten for free from most registration services as well as by running the whois program (on linux/unix systems). Name resolution is the turning of your internet name into a number.

The name servers by convention usually have a name that looks like:

The name servers will contain records that tell the DNS system where the various computers are that provide services under your domain name. Typically there is a web server and a mail server.

By creating the correct record in your DNS servers that points to our Web servers your web site will be found.

Many of the registration and domain hosting services have web based tools that allow you to manage your name servers

If we provide the DNS hosting for your domain name we handle all this for you.

You will need to talk to us to find out what is best in your case.

We use Netstar Telecommunications, Inc. to provide DNS services for our client's domain names. Their dns servers are:

A common cause of confusion and frustration has to do with the way the DNS system propagates and caches the name information. The system uses a "Time To Live" value that says how long the information is valid. This is important for overall internet and DNS performance because it means that every time your computer hits a web page, a lookup isn't needed to resolve the domain name. This however, causes grief when trying to make a DNS change. There will be cached information out on the internet that will take some time to expire. This can result in different servers responding to the same URL for different people. Most DNS server operators set their TTL to 24 hours as do we.
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