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The big wiki is a cloud based web site hosting platform.   Originally concieved before Facebook and Myspace, the idea was to have a web content hosting platform that would allow small organizations, small businesses, and even individuals to create and keep updated a customized site with only a browser.

The original model customer was a church type organization.  The web site would normally be kept up to date by one person, who try as they might, could never really be done with posting the many little updates the various missions (sub groups) would request.  So we built in user authentication and page level access controls that allow many users to make changes without stepping on each other.  Pages are created with templates that control the content for different purposes, such as photo albums, file libraries, blogs, contact us forms, etc.

While this wiki system never made the 'big' time it is still used by individuals and even some big business to manage web sites.




Some sites that use bigWiki


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